Why use Noiseconnexion ?

⬣ Join a cultural community close to yours.

⬣ Be available on all platforms. (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Shazam, et autres)

⬣ Get pro video editing for your youtube channel.

⬣ A % taken from your profits of 20% only. (You keep 100% of your Soundcloud)

⬣ WAV or mp3 sale of your tracks on our shop.

⬣ Protection under content ID youtube.


⬣ You remain free, no restrictive contract.

⬣ No minimum track required per month.

Noiseconnection is it useful ?

Yes and no it all depends on your research.

Noiseconnexion is a distributor / aggregator and not a pure promoter label.

That is to say that our label is in place to offer you the basics.

This includes for NCR for certain points:

- Streams like spotify etc.

- Free video & cover editing (more than 30 euros that you save per month if you ask for both from a graphic designer and editor).

- Sharing on our youtube etc.

- Sale of wav pro.

Without doing anything you have at all in 1.

In total indie you have to do everything.

Make your edits if you have the knowledge and the equipment to send your track to streams, put your track on sale etc etc.

At NCR we already spare you all the tasks here above.

After wanting to do it yourself, it's a choice, you are given just an example of an NCR benefit.

On the other hand, at NCR the artists are there for the basics, not necessarily to discuss and repost overwhelmingly.

Our network will not necessarily allow an evolution of your audiences, it remains for you to produce quality and promote yourself as nareku etc. to groups and others.

See also the outings schedule : https://noiseconnexion.com/fr/content/9-planning-des-sorties

Before sending, please fulfill the conditions :

Have a minimum quality music.

It is mandatory to have an active soundcloud pro account to receive the benefits.

Benefit from paypal to receive the benefits of sales.

Your track must be yours and produced by you.

If it's a remix, you need to have artist permissions and entitlement.

Copiez et remplissez :

- Lien privé ou public soundcloud pour écouter la musique :
- Artiste : 
- Déjà sous contrat nc ? : (Oui ou Non)
- Titre de la musique :
- Genre principal :
- Bpm :
- Avez-vous une cover ? :
- Mastering et mixage par :
- Avez-vous bien - de 5 secondes de silence à la fin ?  (Oui ou Non)
- S'il y a des voix, définissez la langue : (Exemple "Français")